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Ashley Akulian

DRE 01499418 | 831.332.8180 |

Ashley is a California native with ties to Fresno and the Central Coast for over twenty-five years. Her background in national retail marketing and sales, as well as commercial property management led her to residential real estate. She has been a licensed REALTOR since 2005, serving the Monterey and Salinas area since 2017. She also, has a natural talent when it comes to interior design which is of benefit to her clients when visualizing their dream home. As a REALTOR her first priority is to listen to her clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction, striving to ensure the home buying or selling experience is uncomplicated and stress free. Ashley has teamed up with Sandy Crew who is also dedicated to her clients both in residential real estate and interior design. The Crew Team at Bay Homes and Estates offers a unique service to clients of both interior design in staging or furnishing your home coupled with a marketing strategy developed for today’s, fast moving world. We are here to help you sell or find your dream home from the Sierra mountains to the Monterey Bay.


Ben Ottmar

DRE 01503930 | 831.601.1370 |

Ben Ottmar is a life-long resident of Pacific Grove, attending schools in the PG school district during his childhood.  His father and mother are originally from Hollister in San Benito County, but after meeting each other at Hollister High School settled in Pacific Grove to raise their family.  His father graduated from college and became a teacher, coach and finally a principal at PG High.  The Ottmar name is easily recognized by hundreds of his past students.  A day doesn’t go by without someone asking Ben if he was related to Mr. Ottmar.  Ben decided to make his home in PG and met his lovely wife to start their own family, which happen to be twin boys! Order one but get two.  Is that a good thing?


Elaine Ramos

DRE 01079949 | 831.905.1423 |

Elaine Ramos has been a REALTOR for the last 30 years and has made her home on the Monterey Peninsula since 1960.  She and her husband raised two beautiful children who have grown to be successful adults.  She and Albert are now proud grandparents of three grandchildren living in the Bay Area.  Elaine has built her real estate career on integrity, resulting on her continuing success based on referral business only.  She does not need to seek new clients at this point in her career.  Consider yourself extremely lucky to have her as your real estate agent!


Sandy Crew

DRE 01864064 | 559.978.1998 |

Awfully proud to have Sandy on the team! She and her husband have been residents of Fresno County for too many years to count. But with a life-long love of the Monterey Peninsula, she and her husband recently bought a home in Pebble Beach. With a real estate career that spans over 15 years and coupled with her enormous talent in interior design, she has arrived! And she doesn’t fool around either. Since she joined Bay Homes and Estates in Pacific Grove, she has hit the road running. With the creation of her Team of Ashley Akulian and Danelle Ciapponi, she’ll be a force to beckon with. Watch her grow with her outstanding service and performance!

David Demers

DRE 01274754 | 831.917.5454 |

I can’t even tell you how much respect I have for this guy! With his many years of experience in real estate sales and even business opportunities, he is definitely your go-to agent for just about all of your real estate needs. His cherub-good-looks charms just about everybody he meets. No wonder everybody he meets just agrees to everything he tells them. And of course, they love him. Trust and honesty are his strong points and it does pay off with his results.

Janeen Reavis

DRE 01350812 | 408.561.1003 |

If it wasn’t for Janeen, Bay Homes and Estates would not exist! Without her 30 years of foresight and fortitude, our office would be just a dream. But we joined forces back in 2013 (I think?), and it’s been history since. With her past experience in selling properties in the Bay Area, she has continued to surpass our expectations to sell anything in California! Whether it’s a house in Santa Clara or Monterey or San Benito Counties, it’s sold!

Jakub Kristl

DRE 02075399 | 831.277.9318 |

The youngest member of our team but the brightest star on the horizon! After successfully listing (and selling) his parent’s multi-million-dollar home in Carmel, he has proven himself to go as high as he wants to climb. His tech-savvy and innovative marketing techniques along with his personality attracted the attention of the high-powered real estate firms of Carmel. We’re so thankful he rejected their offers to join their firm! Jakub realizes that it’s all about the agent and not the office. It’s all about his own endeavors and not some other real estate company. I see Jakub becoming his own real estate firm in the years to come! By the way, if wasn’t for Jakub we wouldn’t have a new design of our company’s logo.

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